Events Calendar

This Calendar of Events is designed to keep us up-to-date on events other than regular meetings of our Council. If you know of an event, please e-mail me at so that I can add the event here. In general an Event is something that is either open to the community or a Knights of Columbus function run by another Council.



EJ Hikel



Standing Items

1st Tuesday - 3rd Degree Business Meeting 6pm St. Teresa, Brewer

2nd Tuesday - 4th Degree Business Meeting 6pm St. St. Teresa, Brewer

2nd/3rd Friday - Bangor Veterans Mass 2:30pm

3rd Thursday - Potluck and Game Night 6pm St. Marys (Not in March)

4th Thursday - Salvation Army Soup Kitchen 7pm

5th Sunday - Rosary St. Matthew 10am

Last Sunday - 1st Degree Exemplification 5:30pm